Why Use a Self-Storage Facility When Moving?

If you are moving from one address to another and need to organise yourself before the big day, then hiring a self-storage unit is a very good idea. It is not just homeowners who can benefit from self-storage facilities because many businesses which are relocating will often require some form of temporary storage for important items and stock, as well. What are the main advantages of renting a unit in a self-storage facility in Australia? [Read More]

Benefits of using a storage facility for your caravan

When you are not using your caravan, you must design an idea for long-term storage. Storing it in your garage may be a good idea if you have space. The best long-term solution, however, is a caravan storage facility that offers the following benefits. Security Many storage facilities employ a range of security measures that safeguard the caravans against theft and vandalism. These features may include alarmed fences, CCTV, security personnel and electronic keycard systems. [Read More]

Tips to Prepare Your Furniture for a Move to Avoid Damages

If you're planning to move to another house (whether in your state or another), it's advisable to work with removalists. This is because you'll be facing one of the major moving challenges – moving the furniture and ensuring that it doesn't get damaged during transit. Every homeowner wants to make sure that all their belongings are damage-free when they get to the new house. So, what can you do to ensure your furniture is safe throughout all the stages of the move, especially if you choose to DIY? [Read More]

Two tips to keep in mind if your child has Asperger's Syndrome and you need to move house

Children who have Asperger's Syndrome often need routine, familiar surroundings and predictable schedules to feel at ease. As such, the upheaval and chaos that comes with a house move can make them feel very stressed out and unhappy. If your child has this condition and you need to move house, here are some things you can do to make the moving process easier for them. Give your child a safe space where they won't have to interact with the removalists [Read More]