Tips For Moving House With A Furniture Removalist

Moving houses can be stressful, even with the help of experienced furniture removalists. Here are some tips to keep costs in check and make the day go as smoothly as possible.

Ways To Save Money

You may be able to save money with furniture removalists by opting for quieter times, for which you may be able to negotiate a better rate. For example, you could move on a weekday rather than the weekend, when rates are higher. The end of the month is also often a busy time for furniture removal, and a mid-month move may be better.

Another way to lower costs is to reduce the amount of stuff you have to move. You could donate or throw out things you don't want. The removal process will then be quicker, and the overall bill may be cheaper, as many companies charge by the hour or half-hour.

Rugs And Pictures

Make sure to protect and neatly pack decorative items such as rugs, lamps and pictures. This will save time, as the removalists won't need to wrap them in protective blankets, which will take longer. You can roll up rugs and use tape or ropes to tie them in a secure bundle that's easy to move. For pictures, wrap them in bubble wrap for protection. You can also use boxes with the right dimensions to store pictures. Put table lamps in boxes with a lot of padding.

Box Weight

If the boxes you pack are of a manageable weight, the removalists will be able to move them quicker. So think about this when you're packing. You can mix heavy and light items as a method to prevent a box from getting too heavy. For example, you can cram books into a medium-sized (strong) box and tightly pack cushions or towels on top. Kitchen crockery is heavy, so wrap each plate or bowl in butcher paper and put them at the bottom. On top, you can pack lighter plastic items. Make sure to stuff bubble wrap or butcher paper into any gaps to keep the items motionless during transport.

Make Access Easy

The furniture removalists will be moving to and fro between the truck and your house many times. If they have a clear and short pathway, the process will be quicker. Will they be able to park in your driveway? If they need to park on the street, you can try to arrange a space out front.