Commercial Vs Residential Furniture Removal

Clearing out your furniture from a commercial property can be confusing, but residential furniture removal is no walk in the park either. While the differences may appear to be minor, they each often call for a different service entirely. Whether it's the size of the team, the set of skills required, or the equipment used, commercial and residential furniture removal are more different than you may think. Here are three key factors that differentiate between the two types of furniture removal services.

The planning stage

The planning needed for commercial furniture removal is significantly larger than that needed for removing residential furniture. This is due to the fact that commercial removal creates far more waste, and much of it calls for special handling.

When you work with a furniture removal company, you need to have a plan of what needs to be removed and what can be left behind. You'll enjoy a smoother removal process if the removal team knows where it's required to take furniture from and the best way back to their vehicle. This will help them avoid lifts with weight restrictions and steep staircases.

The size of the job

Commercial furniture removal is a bigger job than residential removal due to the sheer volume of furniture involved. However, it depends on the size of the property. Some homes are larger than a typical office, so the size of the job is really determined by how much furniture you have that needs to be removed in terms of size, quantity, and access points. All of that will inform the scale of your furniture removal team, as well as the equipment used and the number of vehicles required.

Where you can dispose of your waste

With commercial furniture removal, there are more limits on where you can dispose of your waste than residential removal. That's because many recycling centres only accept domestic waste. So while there'll be no shortage of options for you to remove residential furniture, you'd need to put in more research time if you're looking to get rid of commercial waste.

Essentially, whether you're planning to hire a team for commercial or residential furniture removal, you should look to work with an established removal firm. This will ensure that the process has been planned in sufficient detail in order to avoid any personal or property damage. It will also make life easier when it comes to disposing of waste.