Tips to Prepare Your Furniture for a Move to Avoid Damages

If you're planning to move to another house (whether in your state or another), it's advisable to work with removalists. This is because you'll be facing one of the major moving challenges – moving the furniture and ensuring that it doesn't get damaged during transit. Every homeowner wants to make sure that all their belongings are damage-free when they get to the new house.

So, what can you do to ensure your furniture is safe throughout all the stages of the move, especially if you choose to DIY? Here are some crucial steps you should consider.

Procure packing materials

Most homeowners are accustomed to buying boxes and tapes for packing. However, these items cannot protect your furniture. You need special supplies like plastic wrap, mattress and sofa covers, bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard sheets and sealable plastic bags. You should be able to find these supplies in a local hardware store.

Get the furniture cleaned

Before you pack your furniture for the move, be it to your new home or storage unit, be sure to clean them. Dust, including other forms of debris, can cause scratches on the furniture during the move. By doing this, you will inject new life into them and ensure the furniture is ready for a fresh start. Who wants to bring dust and dirt into their new home?

Dismantle the furniture

Do you have furniture that must be dismantled before moving? Now that you have cleaned them, it's time to rip them into pieces as per the manufacturer's direction in the manual. Remove the legs, knobs, casters, pulls and drawers out of the wardrobes and desks. This way, packing and moving the furniture will be easier, and they don't get damaged by being banged against walls or door frames during the move.

Pack the furniture

The packing supplies you purchased will come in handy in this step. The corrugated cardboard sheets prevent gouges and scratches between pieces of wooden furniture. Bubble wraps are ideal for delicate pieces of wood, while plastic wraps are used to protect the upholstered items. As the name indicates, mattress covers are for ensuring the mattresses don't get torn or ripped apart or damaged by water during transportation.

Since you may need to stack furniture to maximise space, furniture blankets will be required to ensure scratching doesn't occur. You will also need straps to lift heavy furniture and hold the furniture together, so they don't slide back and forth in the truck.