Benefits of using a storage facility for your caravan

When you are not using your caravan, you must design an idea for long-term storage. Storing it in your garage may be a good idea if you have space. The best long-term solution, however, is a caravan storage facility that offers the following benefits.


Many storage facilities employ a range of security measures that safeguard the caravans against theft and vandalism. These features may include alarmed fences, CCTV, security personnel and electronic keycard systems.

Alarmed fencing, for instance, acts as an effective deterrent from thieves and trespassers attempting to gain entry into the facility. CCTV is also a good security measure that offers a continuous recording of the facility at every hour. It is wise to select a CCTV with full coverage of the facility. They should also provide personnel to patrol the facility and monitor CCTV coverage. Electronic entry, on the other hand, ensures only people with keycards can gain entry into the facility. This prevents unauthorised entry, which ensures caravan safety.

Access and space

Another benefit of caravan storage is that you can access the facility at your leisure. Many facilities can offer 24/7 access when you desire. This allows you sufficient time to visit, pick up and drop off your caravan when you want to use it.

In addition, many caravans are too large to park in your garage or driveway when not in use. Even if you use it on weekends, that leaves a lot of utilised space during the week. It may be challenging to accommodate storage needs in your home. With storage facilities, you have access to a unit that caters for your caravan's size.


You can rent storage facilities that offer protection against the elements. When you have to store your caravan on your driveway, it is exposed to the elements. Exposure to the elements can lead to paint stripping and rust. An alternative to this is to provide cover every time you park the caravan. This alternative is, however, time-consuming and takes effort. Renting storage facilities that offer shelter and temperature control provides sufficient protection.

Maintenance facility

One benefit of using a storage facility is that they offer maintenance for vehicles. Suitable storage conditions are not sufficient. Your vehicle also needs support. Some storage facilities offer on-site maintenance and cleaning for individuals who pay for this service. You can also opt for third-party servicing that the storage compound can facilitate. Your vehicle will still be in perfect shape during storage.