4 Ways to Enhance the Safety of Items in Your Storage Unit

Are your items safe in the storage unit? How can you guarantee the safety of stored items? These are common questions that are asked by people who are using storage units for the first time. Storage units are often under surveillance, and this guarantees the safety of your items. However, you can also take various steps to enhance the safety of items in your storage unit.

Do not put the items directly on the floor

You should not put your items directly on the floor. This is applicable whether the items have been kept in boxes or not. The best approach is to place a wooden or metallic base on the floor and then put the boxes on top. This is necessary since it protects your items from leakages that might arise, which can lead to damage to your items. Your items will also be safe from unexpected natural incidences such as flash floods that can cause water to enter into the storage unit through the small gap below the entrance.

Install a smoke detector

Installing a smoke detector within your storage unit is important. This will go off in case there is a fire outbreak, and action can be taken to deal with the fire. You should consider this even when you don't have flammable substances in your unit. This is because the smoke might be coming from adjacent storage units.

Store valuables in secure safes

Storage yards usually have surveillance cameras that ensure your items are safe at all times. Despite this, it is necessary to adopt additional safeguards, especially when you have valuables in your storage unit. It is very risky to leave such items in the open. An ideal approach would be to place the items in a safe and lock them; the safe will then be placed in the storage unit. Regardless of the number of valuables you have, you can always get an ideal safe for this purpose.

Make regular checks

Make an effort to visit the storage unit regularly to make sure that everything is in order. This helps to safeguard from any eventualities, such as the toppling over of boxes that were not arranged in an orderly manner. When this occurs, your items can be damaged and any fluids in them can spill on the ground. However, if you make regular checks to the unit you might be able to take action immediately once you notice your boxes are on the floor.