Is Your Home In Need Of Restumping?

Are you planning renovations to your home? If your home has a stump subfloor, and you will be carrying out any work that is likely to increase the weight of the home structure or add any strain to the building, it is often advisable to consider restumping before any other building or renovation work is completed. What is restumping? Perhaps, you have never given much thought to your stump subfloor. As the stumps are not visible, it's easy to forget that they are there and focus on the more visible elements of the property. [Read More]

Top 3 Dangers of Moving a Piano Yourself

Despite the growing popularity of DIY projects, some tasks still require a professional touch. Piano moving is one of them. Even though pianos are incredibly large, they are so fragile on the inside. It only takes one false step to drop this precious instrument and cause permanent damage. Why take that risk? Besides, the main reason you may be avoiding hiring professional piano removalists is to save money. But pianos are expensive, so any damage caused by your inexperience could cost you more than hiring removalists. [Read More]