Three Ways You Can Help Furniture Removaists Help You

No matter how many times you have done it, moving house is a stressful exercise. Hiring furniture removalists to help you transition from one home to another is the first step in reducing your stress levels. But, with careful planning, there are steps you can take to ensure you have a fantastic relocation rather than just an okay one. Putting these three tips into practice helps furniture removalists to help you achieve the most efficient move you have ever had.

Label Everything Clearly

For furniture removalists to be efficient, they need to group items by room in the truck. This method of truck packing means that at unload time, all things belonging to a specific room will get unloaded at once. Because they will be able to empty the truck room by room, there will be no need to trek all over the house to deliver the possessions. It is a systematic and efficient process. If the belongings are not clearly labelled, the furniture removalist will not know where to put them. Stopping to ask you for instructions will slow down the unloading of the truck. Therefore, if you carefully label every item with its room name, unloading can be quickly completed once you show the furniture removalist the house layout.

Lighten The Load

Another way you can help furniture removalists help you is to lighten the load of every piece of furniture you own. Heavy items of furniture will have to be lifted by two or more removalists. This extra labour means you have multiple people tied up shifting one thing, and this is a reduction in the efficiency of loading items into the vehicle. If you make your furniture items lighter, they can be moved by one person rather than by two. To lighten furniture items, consider:

  • emptying all drawers and shelves;
  • removing parts such as drawers and shelves;
  • detaching feet and cushions from sofas;
  • dismantling bed frames into smaller pieces

The smaller the furniture parts, the faster they can be loaded into the moving vehicle.

Dispatch Animals Before Moving Day

Thirdly, furniture removalists must have unobstructed access to your home during the loading and unloading of the moving vehicle. Obstructions are detrimental in that they are a safety hazard, and they also impede loading efficiency. If you have pets, they must be locked out of harm's way or removed from the home before moving day.

The more you prepare for your moving day, the better the chances of you having a stress-free, no-drama relocation experience. So use these tips to help your furniture removalists help you enjoy the moving process.