Two Important Matters to Discuss with a Removals Company

After contacting a removals company and asking them for their assistance with moving house, here are two important matters you must talk to them about.

Their approach to fees

It is important to find out the way in which the removals firm calculates its fees so that, before you enter into any agreement with this business, you understand how much you'll pay for the move itself and for any extra services you end up needing to use.

For example, you should find out if they charge a fixed fee even if the move takes longer than either you or they anticipated, or if they charge more if the work goes beyond the timeframe you originally agreed to. If it's the latter, it's essential to know this in advance so you can decide what you'll do if, for instance, you accidentally underestimate the number of items and the time it will take for them to transport your belongings. To combat this, you might, for example, save up on funds before the move so that you have money set aside for this potential extra expense if you need it. This would mean you wouldn't have to send the removals team away before they had completed the job, just because you could not afford this extra fee. 

Whether or not they can remove items from your loft

If you have boxes of items in your loft that you'd like the removalists to take out of your home, you may not want to assume they can do this for you. Instead, you should discuss this with the removals firm beforehand. This is because the removalists may not be fully prepared to help you move house. For example, if your loft doesn't have an integrated ladder and you don't talk about this issue in advance, the removalists might not bring a ladder with them. If something like this were to occur, their only option would be to use a chair to reach the loft's hatch and then climb in. Because this could be dangerous, they might not be able to remove the boxes in this situation. As such, be sure to speak with the removalist service beforehand regarding the specific details of what you need moved.

If you let them know about the contents of the loft beforehand, they can tell you if they are able to do this task and, if they confirm that they are, they can then arrange for their team to take a ladder with them when they travel to your property on the day of the house move. For more information, contact a removal service