Common Damages to Homes During the Move and How to Avoid Them

Moving large furniture around the house can lead to the scratching of your floors and walls if not done correctly. If you're moving in or out of a home, the last thing you want to do is cause damages that will interfere with your budget.

This article will share with you the damage that you are likely to cause to your house when moving large items, and tips on how to avoid these damages. The best way, of course, is to seek the services of professional removalists who can implement techniques to safely move all your furniture.

Damages that can be caused by Large Items

Scratches and Scuffs: These are the most common damage to floors and walls. Large items could cause significant scratching, especially when dragged across the room. Scuffmarks are also common, and are caused by color being transferred to your walls from the furniture when they grind against each other.

Chipped Walls: When moving large items through doorways and other openings, the edges of the furniture could chip your walls causing portions of the corners to come falling off.

Displaced Carpets: Furniture grinding against your carpet can cause the carpet to become dislodged. When sections of the carpet come off, the metal housing used to hold it in place becomes exposed, therefore causing further damage to your floors.

Doors and Handles: Your doors could become scratched and handles dislodged when large items grind against them. In fact, sections of large items (such as doors and drawers) could get trapped on your handles and cause them to rip off when you are attempting to move them through the doorway.

Tips on how to avoid these damages

Avoid Dragging Furniture

Dragging should always be the last option used when moving furniture. All furniture should be lifted when moving it across rooms of the house in order to avoid scratching the floors.

If you have no other option but to drag the furniture, put some soft material like a cushion between the bottom of the piece and the floor. In addition, seek the services of removalists who can assist in preparing large and delicate furniture for moving.

Clean your Floors

Residue on your floors such as dust particles, gravel and other debris tend to accumulate beneath large items such as couches and cabinets. A common mistake that people make when moving is to immediately begin to pick/drag these large items. This causes the debris trapped below to drag on the floors and cause scratching.

The best way to avoid this is to damp clean your floors before moving large items. Make sure you also clean beneath these items, especially at the corners and legs.

Secure Removable Parts

Before you move any large item, make sure that all removable parts such as drawers and frames are removed and set aside. These parts can slide and fall off causing significant damage to your floors. After separating them, you can give adequate attention to each part and make sure that they do not randomly slide off the unit and come crashing on your floors. Removalists can examine and disassemble large items for easier movement to your new destination.

Use Dollies and Handcarts

Dollies and handcarts are a must-have for anyone moving in or out. They make moving large items much easier and all you have to worry about is loading the piece of furniture onto the dolly. Removalists often move your furniture using many different types of dollies and handcarts suited for each price of furniture.