5 Tips on Moving Your Office's Electronic Equipment

Whether you need to get to a different location, renovate your office space, or simply upgrade your equipment, moving an office's worth of electronics can be a daunting prospect. It's not as simple as packing up one bulky desktop PC and a few DVD players. The mission calls for many more steps than that – luckily there are plenty of relatively inexpensive options to help you keep costs down. In this post, we'll outline some logistical tips for moving electronics in an office environment without breaking the budget. [Read More]

Two Important Matters to Discuss with a Removals Company

After contacting a removals company and asking them for their assistance with moving house, here are two important matters you must talk to them about. Their approach to fees It is important to find out the way in which the removals firm calculates its fees so that, before you enter into any agreement with this business, you understand how much you'll pay for the move itself and for any extra services you end up needing to use. [Read More]