Creating space in your home during quarantine: Tips for moving items to a self storage unit

If your home is choking under piles of clutter, you may have limited space in your kitchen, bedrooms, basement and other parts of the property. But what happens if you need to spend two weeks of quarantine in the home? For those who may have been exposed to the coronavirus, undergoing quarantine is critical to avoid spreading the virus. But quarantine doesn't mean that life has to stop. You may still need to work, exercise and keep your personal area clean. [Read More]

Making Your Move Easier With Expert Organising Tricks

The prospect of moving to your new home or office may stress you as much as it excites you. Granted, a disorganised move can be chaotic and costly — however, with simple organisation skills, the whole affair can run as smoothly as desired. You will likely have to prep for weeks in advance and plan your unpacking process afterwards. However, by creating your own step-by-step guide, your whole moving ordeal — from furniture removals to unpacking — will be over before you know it. [Read More]