3 Furniture Preparation Tips for When You're Moving Overseas

Moving is hard enough when you're going across town, but international relocation presents a unique set of challenges. You have to consider removal costs, shipping, storage, customs and the time lag when shipping that means it could be weeks before you are reunited with your stuff. This makes the pack-up process infinitely more complicated, which is why we offer these tips to help you make things easier. 1. Deciding: ship, store or sell [Read More]

2 Easy Tips for Hassle-free Furniture Packing and Storage

Keeping furniture in a self-storage unit is useful if you want your items to be safe, but you don't have space for them in your house. It is also cheaper than maintaining a house if you're away for some months. They should be packed and stacked properly to retain shape and beauty and prevent them from getting dirty. This article highlights tips to help you prepare furniture for storage and how to keep them in a way that allows the best use of space and prevents damage. [Read More]

Creative redesigns for shipping containers

Shipping containers from places likes Tasbulk Pty Ltd carry goods all over the world, but they're useful for much more. These robust, easily transportable steel structures can be modified to fit a wide range of needs. The resulting structures are affordable and versatile, capable of serving as several different types of temporary or even permanent structure.  Site storage Perhaps the simplest type of shipping container modification, this structure provides secure storage for valuable equipment and supplies on a range of different types of site, from providing temporary storage at a job site to providing overflow space at a permanent location. [Read More]

Removalists: Moving Made Easy

Moving from one state to another can be quite a stressful and tiring activity. There are times you might start packing and literally give up before you finish because of being tired or feeling helpless about your "yet to-do list". If this is your current situation do not fret as a credible removalist company can ease your moving burdens. Removalists (also known as movers) are professionals who possess the skill, knowledge and experience to help homeowners and businesses relocate or move from one area to another. [Read More]