Making Your Move Easier With Expert Organising Tricks

The prospect of moving to your new home or office may stress you as much as it excites you. Granted, a disorganised move can be chaotic and costly — however, with simple organisation skills, the whole affair can run as smoothly as desired. You will likely have to prep for weeks in advance and plan your unpacking process afterwards. However, by creating your own step-by-step guide, your whole moving ordeal — from furniture removals to unpacking — will be over before you know it.  

Thorough Decluttering Will Save You From Last-Minute Stress

However long you have occupied your current home or office, it is likely your belongings are somewhat scattered around the place. Therefore, you will need to tackle the de-cluttering first. You will want to do this in 3 steps, starting with the removal of items you no longer need, then the storage of those you are not certain about, and finally the pre-packing of those you wish to keep.

Pre-packing is a process in which you assemble important items you wish to move to your new location in accordance with their size and level of fragility. You may want to bubble-wrap these items yourself or agree on a package with your moving company that provides this additional service. However, pre-packing allows you to handle prized items (picture frames, vases, mirrors, bowls, etc.) with as much care as you deem necessary.

Organising Your Packing By Room Facilitates Redecorating and Furniture Removal

When packing larger items, you will want to organise them based on the room they will be placed in. Packing by room is likely to give you a greater insight into your furniture removal needs. As you organise your packing, picture the new room your present furniture is destined to, and consider its design. If you are looking to have a different decor for the room's replacement, you may want to only pack the furniture with a long remnant lifespan.

When packing each room in your home or office, it's best to use a steady and methodical approach, starting with a corner and working your way outwards. This makes the process less intimidating and gives you time to celebrate your achieved milestone while re-assessing the room's decor. This will likely allow you to spot the mirror or painting that does not match the rest of the themes or a flower pot that makes the room stuffy.

A Concluding Note

When planning a move, you will need to sort your needs into either "removal" or "moving". Furniture to be removed will either be recycled, destroyed or taken to a junkyard. The pieces you move, however, are the most important to keep protected during your moving process. Therefore, it will be your responsibility to make sure they are pre-packed and labelled appropriately. 

For more information about moving and preparing for a move, speak with furniture removalists