Creative redesigns for shipping containers

Shipping containers from places likes Tasbulk Pty Ltd carry goods all over the world, but they're useful for much more. These robust, easily transportable steel structures can be modified to fit a wide range of needs. The resulting structures are affordable and versatile, capable of serving as several different types of temporary or even permanent structure. 

Site storage

Perhaps the simplest type of shipping container modification, this structure provides secure storage for valuable equipment and supplies on a range of different types of site, from providing temporary storage at a job site to providing overflow space at a permanent location. A range of different security features make it easy to provide the level of protection your storage unit needs.


Modified shipping containers have been in use as site offices on construction or industrial sites for years, but there's more to container modifications than these functional, heavy-duty buildings. Container offices can have a stylish, modern appearance that makes them ideal for customer-facing applications such as sales offices on housing developments, ticket booths at events, and more.


With over 28 square metres of floor space, a shipping container can make for roomy accommodation. Shipping containers have been used to create everything from granny flats to employee housing and even hotels. With added carpeting, windows, shelving, heating, air conditioning and plumbing, a modified container can be a luxurious home for a temporary or long-term stay. 

Cafes and bars

Whether providing food and drinks for an event, serving an outdoor area such as a beach or park or just housing a new business, container kitchens and cafes provide an easy way to serve customers quickly. These modified containers feature a range of different kitchen functions, together with a side hatch that folds down to function as a service window and counter. These have traditionally been used for event food service but more and more businesses are starting to take advantage of these affordable, self-contained units.

Swimming pools

Durable and watertight, a modified shipping container is an ideal base for an above-ground swimming pool. These pools feature external staircases and can even be fitted with translucent windows so you can look out at the world from under water. Installation and filling are simple, making this an ideal choice for those who want to set up a pool quickly and easily. 

These are only a few of the possible uses of modified containers, which can also be used for classrooms, workshops and other functions. Rugged, versatile and eco-friendly, a modified container is an ideal solution for the space demands of a modern business.